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The Pakistan Youtube was lifted for 3 minutes

December 30th, 2012

In Pakistan, a ban on YouTube, which was instated after an anti-Islam video caused riots in much of the Muslim world, was lifted Saturday. The ban was only lifted for about 3 minutes until it was discovered that the blasphemous material was still available on Youtube.

In the time that the ban was in affect, officials made attempts to ensure that the offensive videos would not be available on the website, and those efforts were not fruitful it appears. Government technicians had worked to install a firewall that would block both the blasphemous video content, as well as pornography on the social video website.

Following the original ban, an estimated 25 million Internet users in the country complained to their officials. Now, many Internet users in Pakistan joke about the Government’s inability to install a Firewall measure while having months of time to do so.

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