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How The Political Action Network Functions

Issue Identification

When an issue pertinent to electrical contracting, unions, or similar is identified, we will send out an email to the entirety of the political action network informing and educating you on the issue and our preliminary stance.

You may reply to the email with OPT-OUT if you wish for your organization to remain silent on the particular issue. You will still remain a member of the political action network and will be informed upon identification of the next issue.

Strategy & Planned Response

Once our NECA/IBEW staff has completed its research and planning, we'll follow up with another email to the network that demonstrates our strategy and curated response to the issue at hand.

If you do not agree with the final stance, or the way the issue is represented, you may reply with OPT-OUT and your company will not be a registered respondent on the issue.

Collective Voice

With your permission, and the letterheads you provide upon joining IBEW/NECA's political action network, we will submit your approved comment on behalf of your company or organization.

This method allows us to quickly mobilize and use our collective voice to ensure positive change as well as protect our core values such as safety, living wages, and workforce development standards.

This approach will make it much easier and more convenient to have your     voice heard and strengthen our industry.

Our Success Stories

AB 841

Transportation Electrification
School Energy Efficiency Stimulus

Led by the Sacramento advocacy team, NECA members and IBEW electricians wrote
letters, attended meetings and made calls to get AB 841 passed and signed into law.
This important legislation will generate substantial electric vehicle infrastructure
work and improve safety by requiring EVITP certification for CPUC, CEC, and CARB

EV charging infrastructure programs.

Battery Energy Storage

CSLB Precludes C-46 Contractors
From Performing Battery Energy Storage Work

On July 27th , 2021 the California Contractors State Licensing Board voted to limit C-46
contractors to solar work. This is a huge win for training, skill and safety and crowns over six years of work on this significant electrical industry issue. Eddie Bernacchi, Scott Wetch, a study and recommendation from UC Berkeley, and many of you made this happen.


California Workforce Development Board Provides $1.25 million for ESAMTAC Training

In the spring of 2021, The California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) awarded the CA & NV LMCC $1.25 million to provide JATCs with Energy Storage and Microgrid Training and Certification Program lab equipment and train instructors to teach the ESAMTAC course. Your support of ESAMTAC and high road training at local JATCs made this possible.

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